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Vaginal Davis: Memory Island


29 October 2011

Tate Modern, Starr Auditorium


A Chocolate Grinder Kollective Production

Sail away with me to Memory Island
as it's passing it will be Goodbyeland.
Drifting on the Bay of Can´t Forget You
Moonbeams will relight the night I met you . . .

Dementia 13 and showtunes from an MGM musical extravaganza from the 1940s that never existed collide in this nutter's pastiche from Hollywood provacateuse Vaginal Davis with assistance from Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras, Little Alex of Macedonia and Julian Radlmaier.
Petite Fraulein Vaginal Davis, the Hollywood grande dame of intermedia arts & culture has been living in stylish exile in Berlin´s famed political Rote Insel neighbourhood for the past five years, where she continues to make fresh enemies with her scandalous web blog "Speaking From the Diaphragm" that boasts over a quarter of a million subscribers at

Memory Island was originally commissioned for Live Film! Jack Smith! **Five** Flaming Days in a Rented World. World Premiere October 30, 2009 at Hebbel Am Ufer Theatre in Berlin. Director of Photography Tim Schenkl, Editing Tele´macos Alexiou, Vaginal Davis, Julian Minet Radlmaier, Costumes & Jewelry Daniel Hendrickson. Ms. Davis´ gown designed by Tele´macos Alexiou, Original Musical Score and Sound Design by Loria DeHaven and Chrome Chastain.

Full video documentation is available to view at the Live Art Development Agency Study Room and the British Library