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Trashing Performance

The Disabled Avant-Garde: Backstage Drama


29 October

Toynbee Studios, Theatre

The Disabled Avant-Garde are Katherine Araniello and Aaron Williamson

The formal use of insult is a rich socio-linguistic tradition and a global, historical phenomenon - from the ‘Insult Poetry’ of the Bedouin to the ‘Put-Down Competitions’ of the Zulu; from the social obligation of the Asante Queen mother to ritually deride and ridicule her warriors, to the jibes of contemporary poetry-slams and hip-hop lyrics. Building on this dubious historical platform/excuse the Disabled Avant-Garde want to insult you. . . .

At the Trashing Performance Talks a special ‘Backstage Pass’ wasl distributed to visit the Disabled Avant-Garde. Once backstage, alone with the DAG, the visitor was interviewed on-camera in a way reminiscent of TV chat shows but with an eventual, unexpectedly acidic twist.

Full video documentation is available to view at the Live Art Development Agency Study Room and the British Library